BOSUN lighting has been committed to R&D solar street light, solar garden light, smart lighting and smart pole for 18 years. BOSUN lighting is like a dazzling star, leading BOSUN people to continue to explore and move forward forever. 

Mr. Dave, the founder of BOSUN lighting, is an experienced technical engineer and a national third-level lighting designer. For 18 years of intensive research in the lighting industry, he has accumulated rich experience and can provide you with the most perfect DIALux lighting design solutions.

Today, BOSUN lighting is 18 years old. BOSUN lighting has built a prefect operating system integrating R&D, testing, production and sales departments in lighting industry with solar street light, solar garden light, smart lighting and smart pole. BOSUN lighting insist on technology as the core, quality as the life, and serves the guests at home and abroad with the concept of innovation for development.


BOSUN lighting has established a laboratory with fully-equipped testing equipment. Such as IES photometric distribution test system, Life testing system of LED, EMC testing system, Integrating sphere, Lightning surge generator, LED power driver tester, Drop and vibration test stand, These testing equipments can not only ensure the quality of products, but also provide the most accurate technical parameters for your engineering projects, making it easier to help you win more government projects.



BOSUN lighting products have obtained

ISO9001/CE/CB/CCC/BIS/LM-79/EN62471/IP66 and other series certifications. 


Future Direction And Social Responsibility