Multiple intelligent lighting solutions are available

Control of lighting devices (according to different scenarios)

Save energy, reduce carbon emissions 

Intelligent management of lighting equipment

Reduce operation and maintenance costs

Solar Smart Lighting System(SSLS)

Through the BOSUN lighting’s SCCS (Smart City Control System) intelligent lighting system to achieve the adjustment of led street lighting, scene setting and control of lighting ON & OFF.

While achieving intelligent management of lighting equipment, further improve the efficiency of lighting equipment, reduce carbon emissions, achieve energy-saving green lighting, while reducing operation and maintenance costs.

● SCCS platform + gateway + solar charge controller + communicator SCCS platform + 2G/4G series


LoRaWAN Solution

● 157dB link budget, communication distance up to 15km (related to the environment).

● The receiving current is only 10mA, which greatly prolongs the battery life.

● 0.3KBPS-37.5KBPS adaptive data transfer rate.

LoRa-MESH Solution

● Mesh, point-to-point communication distance ≤150M, data transmission rate 256KBPS; IEEE 802.15.4 physical layer.

● The number of terminals that can be controlled by the centralized controller is less than 50.

● 2.4G frequency band defines 16 channels, 915M frequency band defines 10 channels.

ZigBee Solution

● The total distance after the automatic relay of the lamp controller can reach 4km.

● One concentrator or gateway can manage up to 200 light controllers.

● Three dimming modes are supported: PWM, 0-10V and DALI.

● The light controller is automatically connected to the Internet, the data transmission rate is 256Kbps.

● Remote real-time control and timed lighting.

PLC Solution

● Point-to-point transmission distance ≤ 500m, terminal automatic relay ≤ 2km (radius)

● Communication frequency 132KHz,transmission rate 5.5kbps, modulation mode is BPSK

● The terminal device supports PWM forward excitation and 0-10V forward dimming mode, DALI needs to be customized

● No need to add control wires.

NB-IoT Solution

● High power amplifier efficiency, short transmit/receive time and up to 10 years battery life.

● 5W connection, high spectral efficiency.

● Simplifies RF hardware and protocols, reducing baseband complexity and cost.

4G/LTE Solution

● 4G/LTE wireless communication, no need to install a gateway.

● There is no limit to the number of light controllers and transmission distance.

● Remote real-time control and timed lighting with group lights or single lights.

● Three dimming modes are supported: PWM, 0-10V and DALI.

● Lamp failure alarm.

RS485 Solution

● Communication distance increase ≤ 3 kilometers (radius).

● The terminal supports PWM forward and 0-10V forward dimming modes.

● Each signal controller can carry 50~80 terminal controllers, and the number of terminals is ≤5000.

● The terminal equipment is automatically networked, and the data transmission rate is 9600BPS.

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