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Smart Solar Light System(SSLS)

BOSUN Smart Solar Light System(SSLS) cloud platform is an intelligent solar street light operating system independently developed and patented by BOSUN Lighting, which realizes easier, more efficient, real-time and stable management of solar street lights, monitoring and other load devices through the use of Internet of Things, communication technology, data collection and analysis and other technical means. 

Through the construction of "Internet + Intelligent Distributed Energy", we can complete the data recovery and management of the use scenarios, service life and working status of lithium batteries throughout their life cycle. Meanwhile, through GPRS positioning, operation and maintenance costs can be greatly reduced.



Monitoring Center

Monitor the underlying real-time data and remote real-time data through the platform, view system abnormalities and perform maintenance management.

Intelligent strategy

According to the specific application scenario, different power strategies are developed by intelligently adjusting the power over time. On the basis of time-sharing dimming strategy, combined with light control strategy, according to the light sensor to automatically adjust the lighting time.

Data statistics

Statistics of power generation, discharge, lighted power and other reports can be made as needed to analyze the data situation and provide early warning services.

Battery life cycle management

Through the statistics and analysis of daily battery discharge, charge, remaining power, battery capacity and cycle times, the battery life cycle is managed.

Operation and maintenance management

Using equipment instead of labor, automatically detecting faults and actively reporting them to reduce operation and maintenance costs.

Functions of the BOSUN lighting smart solar lighting system

Login of Bosun lighting smart solar street lighting operating system

Data of smart led solar street light

Smart Solar System Core Equipment

Intelligent Pro-Double-MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Based on 18 years of experience in solar controller research and development, Boshun Lighting has developed a patented smart solar charge controller through continuous technological innovation. Its charging efficiency is 40%-50% higher than that of ordinary PWM chargers. This is a revolutionary advancement that greatly reduces product costs while making full use of solar energy.

● BOSUN patent Pro-Double-MPPT(S) maximum power tracking technology with 99.5% tracking efficiency and 97% charging conversion efficiency.

● IR/microwave sensor function.

● Extremely low sleep current, more energy efficient and convenient for long distance transportation and storage.

● Multi-time programmable load power&time control.

● A variety of intelligent power modes can be selected to automatically adjust the load power according to the battery power.

● Multiple protection functions such as battery/PV reverse connection protection, LED short circuit/open circuit/power limit protection.

● With IOT remote control interface (RS485 interface, TTL interface).

● IP67 waterproof.

4G/LTE Light Controller

The solar Internet of Things module is a communication module that can adapt to the solar street lamp controller. This module has 4G Cat.1 communication function, which can be remotely connected to the server in the cloud. At the same time, the module has infrared /RS485/TTL communication interface, which can complete the sending and reading of the parameters and status of the solar controller. 

Main performance characteristics of the controller:

● Cat1. Wireless communication.

● Adapt to 12V/24V voltage input.

● It can control most mainstream solar controllers in China through RS232 communication.

● Remote control and information reading of computer interface and mobile phone WeChat applet.

● The load can be remotely switched and the power of the load can be adjusted.

● Read the voltage/current/power of the battery/load/solar panel inside the controller.

● Fault alarm, battery/solar panel/load fault alarm.

● Send and read parameters of multiple or single controllers remotely.

● The module has the base station positioning function.

● Support remote firmware upgrade.

( Smart Solar Charge Controller Pro-Double-MPPT )

( 4G/LTE smart solar light controller )

③ High Performance Monocrystalline Solar Panel

④ LiFePO4 Battery

● High photoelectric conversion rate

● Large irradiation area

● Fast charging

● Fast storage of electrical energy

● Brand new A+32700 battery

● Battery cell capacity 6000mAh

● Standard BMS 5A~15A

● 5 years or more of normal use

● High temperature resistance

Built-in BMS

Automatic equalization

Overcurrent protection

Temperature protection

Short-circuit protection

Charge current limit

Error indication





● BS-BJ/4G