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The Battle of the town: A culture of war in the Age of peace
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The Battle of the town: A culture of war in the Age of peace



 "Town of the war" held on 6th, November 2017 in the Zhongshan Dongfu Plaza Hotel, by Alibaba (China) network Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongshan cross-border internet Trade Promotion Association, Zhongshan Foreign Trade e-commerce associations (Zhongshan Network Chamber of Commerce) jointly organized, through the integration of many third-party resources, To help member units landed performance management, pay system, corporate culture and other team construction.

"The town of the war" is a member of the Township district of the business circle, between the business circle and the commercial circle in the specified time to carry out real data PK (such as: Performance, inquiry, out of order, etc.), the winning party (member Enterprises) will be rewarded, the loser party (Member enterprises) will be punished. At the same time, "Town-Hing War" also for the member enterprises to bring the same effect, the internal members and members of the company Imperceptibly formed a benign competitive relationship. No doubt, this is a war culture in peacetime, its existence will enhance the comprehensive strength of employees, effective landing town service system and town District Business Circle, as well as enhance the economic competitiveness of the townships.

Bosun Lighting with more than 10 years of development, has long formed a "good faith, hard work, innovation, Win-won" business values and "unity, one, concerted efforts" enterprise style. Headed by the general manager, its vigorous and resolute first to mobilize the company's staff to participate in swearing. At the meeting, the general manager firstly explained the company to participate in the "Town of war" in the internal incentive program, and secondly, the work of the departments have made important arrangements for instructions.


Finally, all fighters (workers) stand "Junlingzhuang" (target commitment), drink "special wine" at the scene of the oath, all-out effort to win this "war" set sail.


Sprint for the dream! We are all Bosun's warriors! Look forward to our event after the end of the record, also look forward to 2017 we set a miracle again!


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